Owner / Service and Operations Lead


Equi-Cool, Inc. was founded by Alerino "Al" Caceres, Jr. in 1999.   As a trainer of thoroughbred race horses early in his career, Mr. Caceres long recognized the importance of cooling and refrigeration systems in assisting with the therapeutic rehabilitation healing properties to reduce inflamation and joint pain in the horses' legs.

This began Mr. Caceres' overall interest in learning the engineering and mechanical principles behind the maintenance and service of commerical-grade refrigeration and cooling systems.  From there, Mr. Caceres dedicated himself to the education and certification process to launch his own heating, air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance service company.

Today, Mr. Caceres and his team continue to make it their mission to provide quick on-site relief to commercial and residential customers throughout Southern California.

Customers have quickly learned that Equi-Cool, Inc. places paramount emphasis on resolving any disruptions within their heating, cooling and refrigeration systems.